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Welcome to the CogniX Site 
CogniX is a sophisticated software library for easily created database driven web applications.
The CogniX framework is a Web application development library based on the popular perl programming language. It is completely object orientated. CogniX is a tool for creating, modifying and maintaining dynamic database-enabled web applications.

The library is praxis proved and is used in large and mission critical environment such as CMS, CRM, Book keeping.

Key features

  • fast setup of web based database maintenance
    • keep database classes separate from presentation logic
    • build basic database classes fast
    • generate default presentation classes for instant use
    • have multilingual support from start on
    • automatical implement of referential integrity
    • granting permissions based on tables to groups and users
    • the default application: table browser
      • browse through all table contents
      • follow foreign key relationships by hyperlink
      • use search criteria to refine query
      • insert, update, delete (consistently) on row level
      • activate cascading delete on table level
  • develop large db applications for the web
    • configure presentation classes to your needs
    • translate to other languages without coding
    • inherit from database and presentation classes
    • add business logic where it belongs
    • add user/session handling easily (Apache::Session)
    • easily add complex DB view support and complex interface behaviour
    • reuse business logic from other projects
  • perl
    • use object orientation of perl
    • use existing perl libraries (i.e. CGI, CGI::FastTemplate, DBI, HTML::Mason)
    • use mod-perl and Apache::Session
  • planned further development
    • support of other DBD connections (currently Postgres, Informix, Oracle and MySQL is supported)
    • interfaces to data dictionaries/repositories and db-design tools
    • adding a new presentation layer based on HTML::Mason
  • documentation
    • A combination between POD documentation and automatic generated documentation for best technical documentation of a project (including automatic drawing of ERM)
The framework has a standard tableBrowser to browse and maintain all data constantly, following all referential integrity links defined in the database classes. This is usable right away, once the database classes are implemented.